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The Nagle Centre for Youth is a community based oganisation that aims to provide support, empower families and offer equal opportunities for all children through 'free' children's camps.   Every year vulnerable and disadvantaged children, aged 6 - 12 years, are offered a chance to attend a Nano Nagle Camp.  These camps help to increase socialisation skills, provide positive time out, reduce isolation disadvantage and build resilience.  The camps enable children to relax and have fun in a safe and nurturing environment.   Our program has a 'Mentor Scheme' that uses the skills of around 60 volunteers per year to assist in the planning, evaluation and implementation of the camps.   Our qualified volunteer leaders become mentors and positive role models for the children.

Nano Nagle camps encourage exercise and healthy lifestyle.  Camps consist of activities such as sports, games, archery, team building games, giant swing, swimming, canoeing, and craft workshops.   Follow-up days are held after each camp for children, their families and leaders. These follow-up days provide opportunities for 'fun', social inclusion, family bonding and networking.


History and purpose


The Nagle Centre for Youth commenced in 1997.     It was established that there was a need in the Campbelltown Local Government area to provide short-term respite for families who may have experienced or still be experiencing disadvantage, isolation and may be from marginalised backgrounds.  Recently the governance of the program has changed and we have been relocated to Rosemeadow Public School.


Our main target are vulnerable and disadvantaged children and their families who live in the Campbelltown local government area.


Sport and recreation is used as a way to engage these children, encourage exercise and a healthy lifestyle.   


Our 'Mentor Scheme' utilises qualified volunteer leaders and student placements who work with the children to ensure that each child has the chance to create a wealth of happy memories and learn new life skills.  Our volunteers become excellent role models by helping children improve their self-esteem and develop positive relationships with their peers and adults.  Nano Nagle Camps enable children to divert attention from their daily stressors by providing opportunities for them to just be 'kids'.  Our leaders develop their own leadership skills, gain an increased awareness of communities thus enabling their collaboration and pro-active participation in community building.


Recruitment and training of volunteer leaders is an important part of our program.   Camp leaders must be aged 16+ and are an integral part of our program.  Without our volunteer leaders participation the program would not exist.   Each and every leader brings their own set of skills and knowledge.


The Nagle Centre for Youth uses child inclusive approaches that aim to keep issues of child safety and wellbeing at the centre of the its policies and practises.   Our commitment to collaboration within the community, builds relationships that strengthen and facilitate a network of opportunities and growth.


Children are our future and the leaders are the positive role models.






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